Best Alcoholic Drinks

 We all have our selections of poison, yet there are several drinks that seem to be almost common and fit almost any event. Meanwhile there are actually other people who create a special occasion, or which are ideal for getting a party. These are drinks that we all know, the 10 alcoholic beverages.The list is after the break... .

Wine generally is excellent to accomplish a meal or relax in the afternoon. Yet, champagne (which is the Champagne place in France) has to be the wine that many of us would consider one of the top 10 alcoholic drinks – if only for its great reputation and bubbles and solemn act to pop the cork. The moment you open a bottle of champagne turns into a special occasion.

Whisky is yet another spirit which is very popular and versatile. Whether you like just one malt whiskey or scotch, and if you like or directly into a glass of coke. In the night clubs all over the world JD and coke is one of the most popular drinks and also this versatility and popularity makes it one of the ten alcoholic drinks for sure.

Vodka is the national drink of many nations around the world in Poland,Slovakia and Russia that is partly a result of warming effect on the stomach. It’s also an extremely versatile spirit and while it may fit with cola or lemonade, and even another of our own top 10 alcoholic beverages – martini.

Lager is one of the most enjoyable drink in the world and is perfect for relaxing in the beer gardens or to take the edge off an afternoon of stress. Ask most men what should top the list of top ten alcoholic drinks and beer are going to say.

 Absinthe,Wormwood is a once hard alcohol (about 80% alcohol) often considered a very bohemian drink to enjoy. It is partly because opium results contributing to his being dubbed “green fairy” and helped inspire artists for example Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde. That unfortunately has been banned in many countries and states, even if this has only added to its appeal for a lot of.

Sake is a rice wine and is very popular in Japan where it is known as nihonshu. It tastes best when hot and if they develop a taste for this beverage clear is undoubtedly one of the top ten alcoholic beverages around the world.

Martini is the basis of many cocktails great and you can enjoy a variety of ways – with a twist, on the rocks with vodka or gin with an olive or otherwise not. Of course, the three immortal words which make a vintage martini and one of the top 10 alcoholic drinks “shaken, not stirred.”

Guinness is a drink and it has an extremely unique taste you like or hate. Without doubt it’s certainly one of 10 alcohol based drinks, however, especially when enjoyed on St. Patrick’s Day.

Tequila is a spirit of Mexico from blue agave heart to be savored slowly at room temperature with a slice of lemon – not the way the ‘gringos’ who get pleasure from licking the salt off your hand and then bite the lemon. However, this is a fun way the evening began.

Flaming Sambuca
As drinks go party, there’s nothing like getting a round of shots for everyone. It is a quick way to get everyone in a party atmosphere and look super generous. And when it comes sambuca shots up there – especially if you set the first fire!

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  1. Alcoholic drinks like those above glitters in the eye. I wonder what makes them addictive when they taste just so bitter. I drink occasionally and it has been a while that I became an occasional drinker but until now, I don't know an answer. I am contented being a sober drinker.