Outdoor gym to converts human power into electricity

Human generated power being converted to usable electricity is certainly a conscientious facet of green technology. But, most of such conceptions are relegated to one-off products that only manage to generate power on a personal scale for the user. However, this time we have come across the Green Heart Outdoor Gym that banks on the collective scope of human exercising. This progressive ambit, in turn results in a much greater magnitude of power generation, which can be used for credibly 'societal' purposes.Read more after the break...

Located at Hull's Orchard Park estate, this fascinating outdoor facility will have the usual exercise oriented paraphernalia of hand bikes, cycles, cross-trainers and energy counters. Other interesting spatial denominations include the 'bod pod', a self-diagnosis booth that gives info about your weight, height, BMI and even workout and activity guidelines.
But, the definitive feature of this free gym is obviously its utilization of TGO Green Energy Gym Technology. The set up entails the harnessing of human power with the facility's cardio outdoor gym equipment and then its conversion into clean and green electricity.
This resultant electricity derived directly from humans can be used for completely lighting up the gym space during night time. Moreover, according to the designers, the extra power output could be fed into local buildings and even into the national grid.
So, at the end of the day, the whole conscientious design alludes to a symbiotic scope where the free facility self generates its required power. This not only concerns the sustainable facet, but also gives the local residents the opportunity to work out safely during the night.

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