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Summer’s just around the corner, so shed your clothes with confidence with  bikini body special, containing all the diet, fitness and beauty tips, tricks and advice you need for your best bikini body ever.Read and  see more after the break...

Being in good shape isn’t the only thing that matters when you’re rocking your favorite bikini. Instead of getting lost in the whirlwind of fad diets and crazy new workout trends, here are some pointers on how to easily look better in a bikini! 
First off, never remove hair the day you’re expected to be in a bikini. Who wants unsightly razor burns and bikini -like bumps ruining their hot new bikini? To look hot in your swimsuit, smooth legs and a flawless bikini line are essential–just do it the day before so your skin has some time to recover. When shaving, start out with a hot bath or shower to soften skin, making it easier to remove. For the silkiest skin ever, exfoliate first, then use a razor with numerous blades that is brand new. 
Smooth skin is necessary for bikini season. Use a gentile body scrub every day in the shower and rub it on in circular motions. Spend extra time on extra dry areas like your knee caps, elbows, and feet. For extra hydration, use an oil based version.
When heading to the pool or beach, I like to look good but not like I’m going to a nightclub. I like to apply a good tinted moisturizer (with an SPF of course!), some bronzer, and a heavy dose of mascara! You’ll look sexy and your makeup won’t be running down your face all day.
 Don’t neglect your feet! Want to know an easy way to get them looking gorgeous? Soak them in equal parts warm milk and water–the lactic acid will naturally and effectively eat away at dead skin. After five minutes of soaking, buff away your rough spots with a pumice stone.
 Don’t let body acne keep you from wearing a skimpy swimsuit. Cleanse your bod with a body wash containing salicylic acid, and let the cleanser sit on your skin before rinsing it off immediately. When you’re out of the shower, use your favorite face zit cream for the spots on your body.
 Lets be real–pale skin doesn’t look the best in a tiny bikini. Warm up your skin tone with a self-tanner and keep your color gradually maintained with a moisturizer like Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. When using a gradual one, your skin will peak in five to seven days.  The lotions also don’t stink like a lot of the popular self tanners on the market.

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