Watch of sun !

The watch, which has green light projected in it doesn’t contain physical hand in it to mention the time. Wonder as to how to know the time? Well, the shadows are all in the dial to let you know the time. It is through the shadows that one can note the time. The outer shadow hand tells us the hour time whereas the inner shadow hand projects the minutes time. The invisible LED lights that are fixed in the dial create the shadows, and the watch in no way related to the Sun. The name Sun Watch acts as a symbolic significance and doesn’t actually depend on Sun rays for time.  Read more after the break...

Sun Dial watch Gnomon is created by one Anders from Sweden. With a stainless steel outer dial and the stylish leather belt Gnomon is a magic watch that can attract a large number of people. Notably, the turquoise blue light in the dial gives a cool look. Also the leather belt on either sides are attached with studs in turquoise blue color that perfectly matches with the inside color. Though the design is still kept on Tokyo Flash Design Blog, the top brands may soon buy the design. Had something like that happens, trust me, the watch is going to create wonders, creep in all countries and stick to people of all age groups. Hail the ideas and the technology.

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