Modern Ladies Do Not Miss This Earphones

 Muse is an Australia-based developer of stylish high-quality earphones and headphones, but more than that, each of its 12 headphone models corresponds to a certain type of personality. On their website you can find out more about The Replacement, The Smarty, The Carpenter, The Socialite, The Athlete, The Hostess, The Professional, The Hitman, The Architect, The Executive, The Disc Jockey, and The Commander.Read and see more after the break...

Muse Socialite come equipped with noise isolation for keeping the ambient noise out, while allowing the wearer to hear only what he/she wants. The 10-mm driver based on the Dynamic Microdriver Technology enables full sound frequency, while the standard 3.5-mm jack allows you to connect the earphones to any popular sound source including iPods, MP3 player, portable multimedia players, cell phones, and laptops.

In the box:
Muse Socialite come in a nice plastic box with transparent top which houses the earphones, two sets of tips in different sizes, a black, soft carry pouch, a Muse sticker and the earphones warranty.

The earphones feature the in-ear design and come in black with silver accents which makes them look stylish and sleek. The 1.2-m cord is covered in nylon, which increases flexibility and durability when compared to plastic cords. This feature also ensures it never gets tangled.
The overall design of the earphones is simple but elegant so you can wear them with any outfit.

 Using Socialite:
The sound is perfectly clear and you won’t hear any external noises while listening to the music. I guess this is because of the in-ear design that fills your ear fully with the eartip.
The earphones stay inside the ear for as long as you need them, so you won’t have to worry that they might drop accidentally if you’ll do sudden moves.
On the other hand, people around you will hear what you’re listening to if you set the maximum volume level, but well, this happens with all earphones, and besides this, it’s not recommended to use a high volume because you’ll damage your hearing in time.

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