Best Bathing Suits for Your Body Type

when it comes to your fun-in-the-sun time, a killer bathing suit is key. And since designers are beginning to recognize not all women are a size two, the amount of figure-flattering suits for various body types is at an all time high.Whether you have a boy-ish frame, a tummy, or fuller hips and thighs, the right bathing suit can make a world of a difference to downplay your problem areas and enhance your assets. Gone are the days where frumpy suits covered so much of your body that they left everything to the imagination—no matter what your body type, there is a sexy suit to add or remove some curve, play up your strong points, and make you look your best when strolling on the beach.We scouted the web to find the best figure-flattering suits without sacrificing style and cuteness. Take a peek below and see if one of these bathing suits matches your styles and your body type.Read more after the break...

 Shoshanna Solid Ruffle Triangle Bikini
  Thayer Ruched Bikini Set
Vix Swimwear Ruffle Triangle Bikini
Since boy-ish frames tend to lack curve, add a little sex appeal to your figure through flirty and feminine ruffles and  a tiny bit of padding. Whether a bandeau top or a traditional bikini style, the ruffle draws the eye into your womanly assets and enhances the curve you do have. 

Pear shaped
Pear-shaped bodies tend to have fuller hips and thighs, so it’s natural to play up your waist and bring the attention to your upper body. These one piece swimsuits keep the eyes focused on the upper body with a low cut d├ęcolletage, ruched detailing, and patterned print.  We especially love this Boden vintage one piece, designed to bring the attention to the top, and slim your mid section by distracting the eye with the use of patterns.
For a two-piece option, go with a sting bottom and an asset enhancing top that keeps the eyes focused on your upper body.

It’s easy to opt for the most plain black suit you can find when looking to hide your belly, but instead, stay chic with a ruched tankini. Go ultra-fem with this high waist bottom bikini by Norma Kamali or  Spanx waistline draped swim suit designed to keep your tummy in.

Balanced all-around
Lastly, if you’re on the slimmer side and have the luxury of wearing just about anything, be daring this summer in non-classic shapes and bright colors. These bikinis include daring straps and eye-popping colors, while this striped bikini is anything but dowdy.

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