Best eco-friendly gadgets

The destructive human activity, since industrial revolution, has been increasing at a rate which no one could have imagined. In past 100 years, the earth’s temperature has risen considerably. And, if we don’t come up with ways to tackle problems of global warming and climate change, our future lies in dark. But the situation is still not out of control, there are myriad ways in which we could go green. Using eco – friendly gadgets could be the best way to join the green campaign. And, with New Year almost a month away, using eco-friendly products could be on top of your New Year resolution list. Here are some eco-friendly gadgets that could help you in making our planet greener.

Eco-Friendly Water-Powered Clock Green

The green time has finally arrived. For all those who wish to go eco-friendly by their soul, here is this clock is powered by water.
Price and availability: This small piece of beauty would not burn your pockets. It is available at just $19.
Why you should buy: It uses no harmful things such as chemicals or batteries. Costing $19, this green clock can run up to six months on water. And, the best part is when it’s time to refill the clock; it still tells you the time. Thanks to an in-built chip in the clock. You can also set in alarms on hourly or daily basis. Measuring 4”x3 ½ “, the clock provides the user the prerogatory to decide the hourly increments.More gadgets after the break...

Samsung Replenish eco-friendly smart phone
For the techie propagators of the green theme, this is The Thing.
Price and availability: Priced at $49.99, this Android based Smart Phone is ready to snatch your glances.
Why you should buy: It is the creation of Sprint and Samsung. Made from recycled plastics and packaging materials, the Samsung Replenish has a QWERTY keyboard and can be charged with the help of sun’s energy. Owners of this phone can also download green apps and content. Thanks to the Sprint ID. A perfect example of a green smart phone!

Grassy Lawn Charging Station
Tired of cables and wires! Well, the solution awaits you then.
Price and availability: Take out $24.99 of your pockets and this grass box can be yours.
Why you should buy: When cables become a sore to your eyes while your lovely devices sit on their life base, would it not be a heavenly solution if you could get something that could just make those cables vanish as if they were not existent? Well, this dream has come true with the Grassy lawn Charging station. Just put your devices in the comfy nest of the artificial grass, let their cables route their way through the bottom compartment of the charging station and let your devices enjoy a cable-less charge.

ASUS U53JC-C1 15.6-Inch Laptop (Bamboo)
Another pious gift for bamboo lovers.
Price and availability: $700 is the petty amount that you need to part with in order to get united with this wonderful thing.
Why you should buy: You cannot but get impressed with U-Series of ASUS Laptops that are made from Bamboo. This has help that the brand use less amount of plastic by as much as 15%. Coming to its technicalities, the laptop is equipped with the latest Intel Core i5 processor which promises a great performance with a tinge of greenness! Other features include USB 3.0 ports, switchable graphics and Wireless Display Technology. Your pocket would lose nothing greater than $700 for this wonder piece.

 Bamboo Custom Carved Designer Keyboard and Mouse Combo
For the lovers of trend and uniqueness, this keyboard-mouse pack could be the right choice.
Price and availability: Just $59.99, and this artifact could be yours.
Why you should buy: In recent years, the use of computers has risen considerably. And, it could not get better than using Bamboo made keyboard and mouse to reduce our carbon footprint. I am sure, one look at these and you would want it for your computer. Well, Impecca, the Company behind this sustainable design, offers you an array of textures to choose from including espresso, mahogany, walnut, natural and cherry.

Freeloader Solar Charger Silver
For all the travel geeks, who are tech savvy by nature, but power stands a hurdle to their liking, its time to rejoice. The solar charger is on the way to eradicate all charging problems.
Price and availability: Money does matter, but in this case, money is not the matter. Snatch it for $42.4714.
Why you should buy: In case you face supple problem in carrying your charging devices wherever you go, we have a solution here, waiting for your glance. The freeloader is actually a charging device that is itself powered by the straps of solar panel on its surface. Whenever your devices need a bit of power suck, attach them to the freeloader and they would find their way to eternal happiness.

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