Relief your tension or headache! Get this acupressure massager

Do you feel any mental stress or severe headache? You can get this amazing acupressure head and eye massager from Chinavasion. The massager is designed in inspiration of the famous Meridian treatment, a traditional Chinese medicine for mental trauma. The innovative massager combines the features of both the conventional Chinese medicine for mental stress and the modern massaging technology. Comfortable and portable, this tension-relief acupressure head and eye massager revitalizes your brain and mind whenever you need it.Read more after the break...

Soothing Music and Heated Therapy to Enhance Relaxation, Relief tension, Pain, and Fatigue 
With eight different types of light wave music to choose from, the built-in soothing sound of this massager resonates within your brain, relieving stress, and promoting self-recovery of your brain cells. In addition, the massager also comes with a heating function to provide you with a soft warm feeling, which in turn promotes the blood circulation around the head and eye area, and further release stress and fatigue. .

The tension-relief massager is prepared in a way that you can use it quite comfortably and carry anywhere. Using the massager, you can achieve complete relief from all tensions and mental stress, claim its designers. It will revitalize your mind, brain and the entire body. Passage of blood and oxygen can be fostered by the massager.
The multi-directional airbag that kneads around the head is the major component of the head and eye massager. The acupuncture points on the top of the massager enhance the blood and oxygen circulation around the head, neck and eye. Besides the head, the massager brings huge relief for your fatigued eye and improves your eyesight.

One another feature of the acupressure massager is its capability to produce soothing music to nourish up your brain. The music that resonates within the wearer’s brain will help relieve distress in a faster pace. It can encourage self-discovery of a person in a magical way. As a whole, the head and eye massager with the soothing music is a great equipment to flee you from the mental stress.
The massager is appropriate for all people irrespective of ages. The massager is proven as having big impact and productivity among all individuals including women and men. From elderly people to children, the massager has its influence and strength. As well, all people can use the massager quite effortlessly. It will be a great relief if you are a usual traveler. You can keep it along with you in your journeys. Once you are exhausted, you can use the massager and get back into a good mood in a matter of time.

The head and eye massager packs in 4x AA batteries for power. Physically, the massager is a stylish product. It has a stylish design and silver color. The device comes with a wired controlling unit. That is, you can sit in a chair and control the massager with your own hands. It has safer air release button. The acupressure massager can be resized for people of any age. Built-in speakers on the equipment bring the soothing music to its user.

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