Top 10 future electronic devices for next decades : Origami DVD player

… the next generation iPhone
The main aim of technology has always been to help mankind, to make living comfortable. In 1980s owning a TV was a big deal. 30 years later we are in a world of 3D. Back then we used cassettes to listen to songs, that cassette could hardly hold 10 songs. Now we have USB devices which are smaller than cassettes and stores thousands of songs. Where are we going from now? What could be the next innovations? What might we get to see in decades to come? Devices after the break...

1) iPod shuffle 2020:
Well, this iPod exceeds your imaginations. Imagine listening to music without any earphones! This device uses the ultrasonic sound waves which travel directly into the ears without any earphones. The iPod is always in sync with your PC and updates your play list every time you switch on. This device has unlimited music storage and battery backup. It is integrated with microphones which eliminates the external disturbances when you are listening to the music. Now, How cool is that?

2) RCA Airnergy charger:
Can you believe it? Wi-Fi signals can be harvested to produce electricity. Yes, this is true. RCA Airnergy charger uses the Wi-Fi signals present in a area and with the help of some circuitry it harvests these signals into electricity. This electricity is stored in a battery present in the device. The electricity stored in this battery can be used to charge the mobile later. There are many chargers which use the Wi-Fi signals to harvest energy but this device has proved to be more efficient and practical. For example, charging a BlackBerry device up to 70% took just 90 minutes.

3) Self cleaning auto ordering refrigerator:
There are already the so called smart refrigerators in the market. Well, this refrigerator takes the technology to all new level. This fridge is equipped with ‘nano articulated technology’, with this technology the independent tiles present in the fridge move the food that needs to be consumed early to the top. The fridge consists of the LCD screen which displays contents present in fridge. This intelligent thing also suggests recipe with the available items. It orders the things you need and also thrashes the wastage or expired food by itself.

4) Holographic televisions:
With the 3D televisions already in the market, what difference does a holographic television make? To view a 3D image on a television you need glasses and you need to sit still at an angle to get a proper 3D image. Holographic televisions can be viewed from any angle and without glasses. It may take 7-10 years for these TV sets to hit the living rooms.

5) Light cap 300:
Light cap 300 is a combination of a solar powered LED light and water bottle. It may sound funny but this device has recorded very high sales especially because of its portable and extremely attractive design. This device has a very high efficiency in terms of electricity output and conversion of solar energy to electricity. It can be very helpful for people who travel a lot.

6) Super charged batteries:
The new lithium ion batteries can charge and discharge in seconds. Scientists at Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) have improvised the Lithium ion batteries using lithium iron phosphate. Now your mobiles, ipods can be fully charged in no time. Companies like Apple are trying to include this technology in there batteries. With the proper innovation this technology can be used in next level like cars etc. Experts believe that these will be reasonably priced since the manufacturing cost is less

7) Fire wire:
Fire wire cable transfers data between digital devices. Also called as IEEE 1394, this device’s transfer rate can be as fast as 800Mbps. And it is expected to increase up to nearly 3.2Gbps in the future. Usually fire wire is a hub where nearly 63 devices can be connected and the data can be transferred between the devices. This is supported by all operating systems like Windows98 and above, Mac 8.6 and above.

8) Apple black hole device:
This device is termed as iphone 2020. The device consists of a charging base, prism and the black hole. Whenever you open your hand, the ball from the hand set raises and opens up the menu or applications on the phone. With the help of holographic technology, you can operate everything in mid air.

9) Origami DVD player:
For a traveler who wants to watch movies while he is on travel, this device is perfect. Being developed by Mag-Ink in Israel, this player has e-paper as its display. E-paper is actually a completely flexible color display. This can actually be folded and kept in the pocket. Now you can actually watch movies on your DVD while going on a travel.

10) On demand entertainment:
Entertainment companies are converging to give the viewers anything anytime they want. Through Netflix player from Roku, all the libraries of Netflix and amazon can directly be available on TV. Apple TV provides access to shows and movies for sale or rental. Boxee box is a home theater PC application (HTPC). It is a new technology from D-link. This device is a combination of internet and TV. It has many applications like where we can see old TV shows, connect to social networking sites, download stuff etc. This device can be connected to internet via Ethernet or using Wi-Fi.

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  1. Who wants to watch movies, and he traveler, this device is perfect. MAG - the ink is being developed in Israel, the player as part of its electronic paper display. E-paper is actually a fully flexible color display. This can actually be folded and kept in his pocket. Now you can watch your DVD movies, and travel.

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