10 most essential student's gadgets : Sony Reader Touch Edition

Gadgets for students… 

Student life today is all about time management. With the hectic schedule and numerous projects running simultaneously, students today face a time crunch unsurpassed by their predecessors. So need of the hour is to simplify life with gadgets to save on time. The ten most essential such gadgets are listed below, 10
gadgets after the break...

1. Laptop
With the distance learning boom, the conventional classroom teaching is a thing of the past. Today students can study anywhere, be it a park or hostel room, and study at a time convenient to them. It also gives them the flexibility to earn while they learn. Laptops are the perfect gadgets for them since these allow users to carry their educational curriculum where they want to.

2. Calculator
The modern calculators can do all from trigonometry to calculus to log. Having them handy is an asset to student of all streams.

3. Mobile phone/ Smart phone
Mobility is the biggest gift that development in science has given us. It helps one stay connected to friends and family at all times. With the internet option built in them, mobile phones bring the world to one’s hand. Expandable memory with other features of radio/ music player and thousands of applications on smart phones make them a wonderful amalgam of varied technologies. Modern students require them for keeping in touch with their pals, teachers and counselors.

4. iPod
This great gadget lets one store thousands of music and video files which can be a handy for a short break during long hours of study.

5. Pen drives
These small devices fit in ones wallet and can help transfer a lot of files very easily and conveniently.

6. Livescribe Pulse
Its smart pen helps to record an audio of what is being written and also uploads it on the attached computer. It allows retrieving any recorded audio from its memory of about 200 hours.

7. Sony Reader Touch Edition
This unique gadget from Sony offers one access to over one million free eBooks from Google. It also allows one to shop for eBooks from Sony’s eBook store. It gives tremendous flexibility to read on the move.

8. Hard disk
Pen drives and flash drives are suitable for small files. Hard disk lets one have a full library with them. It’s also very helpful to generate a back up of one’s computer files.

9. Camera
It helps one capture the fond memories of the most wonderful time of life with our beloved school and college friends. Pictures from digital cameras can be easily uploaded and shared with people sitting miles away.

10. Alarm clock
They help students beat the Monday morning blues. Getting up on time for morning lectures is the most dreaded thing for most. Alarm clock takes care of these needs. And for the lazy ones who don’t even bother to see the time, the latest ‘projector alarm clocks’ project time on the ceiling!

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