World’s Fastest Bowler: Unknown Atul Sharma


Just a couple of days back, I came across this name Atul Sharma being associated with the tag of ‘The World’s fastest bowler’. To be honest, I have never heard this name in my life although I have been covering international and domestic cricket on the internet since the last five years.
Right, I was pleasantly surprised to know about this Indian lad who is being hyped to be the world’s fastest bowler! The talk is that Atul Sharma can effortlessly crack up speeds of more than 100 mph! But guys and gals, here is a 23-year-old bowler who has not bowled a single ball in competitive cricket and has been training like hell since 7 years! Sounds strange right?
Well there is a video of Atul Sharma released on the net and the first look of him for some reason reminded me of The Great Khali (better known than Dalip Singh Rana, who is a popular Indian wrestler in the WWE). The video of Atul Sharma was mind boggling, the commitment he was showing in his drills and the kind of fitness and strength displayed were simply amazing. The disappointment is that we don’t get to see him bowl at all in that video, so we are kept in suspense about his bowling action. Well just kidding, have a little bit of patience as you will get to see the real action right at the end of the video!

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