Amazing Wall Climber

 climber+Alain+Robert4 Amazing Wall Climber 

“a city is like a range of mountains, with one little difference: there will always be new skyscrapers under construction.”More after the break...


climber+Alain+Robert Amazing Wall Climber

climber+Alain+Robert1 Amazing Wall Climber

climber+Alain+Robert2 Amazing Wall Climber

climber+Alain+Robert3 Amazing Wall Climber

climber+Alain+Robert5 Amazing Wall Climber

climber+Alain+Robert6 Amazing Wall Climber

climber+Alain+Robert7 Amazing Wall Climber

Alain, who has been dubbed ‘Spiderman’ by the press, has a different sense of fun than most people. He has achieved worldwide celebrity status, some call it notoriety, by climbing the world’s tallest and most difficult buildings with nothing more than his bare hands. Spiderman has climbed over 70 skyscrapers and monuments around the world including the Sears Tower, Chicago, and the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. His greatest success so far: the National Bank of Abu Dhabi with over 100,000 spectators!


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