9 Reasons to Drink Green Tea Daily

1 9 Reasons to Drink Green Tea Daily

Have you been wondering “what’s all the fuss about green tea?” Now you can stop wondering and start drinking…green tea, that is. Read more after the break...

Greatest encounters ever-2003 RWC Final

The Most Amazing Roads in the World

1 The Most Amazing Roads in the World (41 pics)

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Water Bridge Over River

Water+Bridge+Over+River+ Water Bridge Over River
Even after you see it, it is still hard to believe !
Water Bridge in Germany ….
What a feat! Six years, 500 million euros, 918 meters long…….
now this is engineering! This is a channel-bridge over the River Elbe and joins the former East and West Germany, as part of the unification project. It is located in the city of Magdeburg, near Berlin. The photo was taken on the day of inauguration. To those who appreciate engineering projects, here’s a puzzle for you armchair engineers and physicists. Did that bridge have to be designed to withstand the additional weight of ship and barge traffic, or just the weight of the water?
Answer: It only needs to be designed to withstand the weight of the water! Why? A ship always displaces an amount of water that weighs the same as the ship, regardless of how heavily a ship may be loaded.






Nevada Shoe Tree

nevada02 Nevada Shoe Tree

 Between the small towns of Fallon and Austin stands a tree on the side of the highway. Much like the gum tree in Ohio, it has become a living, breathing work of collective art – a piece which has an unwritten history and a fluid, unending future. It exists by the sheer will of its anonymous participants and the spirit of conspiracy. I present to you, in all its breathtaking majesty and glory, the Nevada shoe tree. 

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Medical Miracle

1185965710 JkaTBOguF2 Medical Miracle

 It has survived contrary to all expectations, now ???? ??? amazes doctors doing amazing successes in walking. In 1995 by lorry to it cut off half of body that it has survived already was medical miracle. Its body in length of 78 centimeters for years has been chained to a bed. Later 12 years engineers have designed an artificial limb in the form of an egg to which two are attached ??????????? legs by means of which Mr. Peng can is again independent go.

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10 Alien-Looking Places on Earth

 2 10 Alien Looking Places on Earth 

Socotra Island (Indian Ocean)

This island simply blows away any notion about what is considered “normal” for a landscape on Earth, you’d be inclined to think you were transported to another planet – or traveled to another era of Earth’s history. Socotra Island, which is part of a group of four islands, has been geographically isolated from mainland Africa for the last 6 or 7 million years. Like the Galapagos Islands, the island is teeming with 700 extremely rare species of flora and fauna, a full 1/3 of which are endemic.

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Amazing Pictures

amazing www.ritemail.blogspot.com 002 Amazing Pictures

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Carnival Costume Venice

carnival costume venice 011 Carnival Costume Venice
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Places to See Before You Die

3 Places to See Before You Die 

Notre-Dame Basilica,Quebec, Canada  

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The Astonishing Eggs of Alien Nations

 8 The Astonishing Eggs of Alien Nations 

The eyes have it! Perhaps this is a way of warding off possible predators. A hundred eyes glaring at you might put would-be predators of a nervous disposition off their lunch altogether.More Astonishing Eggs after the break...

11 Amazing Animals That Improve Your Health

The words “drug development” may conjure images of white-coated scientists, working at benches with pipettes and petri dishes.

But the real experiments have been occurring in nature for millennia, where life on land and sea has developed distinct chemical methods of survival — from capturing their prey to identifying disease-causing microbes.

Thus far, humans have tapped a small but successful portion of the resulting cornucopia of compounds with the potential to cure disease.

The following is a list of animals that have contributed to medicine.

nm Gila monster 090611 mn 11 Amazing Animals That Improve Your Health

 “Start by thinking like a snake or a spider. Why would a snake want venom in the first place?” More about animals after the break…

New Species Found in Remote Asian Sea?

 new s001 New Species Found in Remote Asian Sea?

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Real Drawing

 Drawing6 Real Drawing


It’s a Real Drawing.More after the break...

Top 12 Loudest Animals That Can Make You Deaf

  Top 12 Loudest Animals That Can Make You Deaf 

Northern Elephant Seal

The male makes loud sound to interest the female and chase other males.
The sound can be heard from miles away.More after the break...

Amazing– A Man with horn


 2 Amazing   A Man with horn

 Man with horn, More after the break...

Amazing Wall Climber

 climber+Alain+Robert4 Amazing Wall Climber 

“a city is like a range of mountains, with one little difference: there will always be new skyscrapers under construction.”More after the break...

What a luxari... Cruise InteriOr

 cruise+interiOr7 Cruise InteriOr 

cruise+interiOr6 Cruise InteriOr

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Japan Mobile Stadium

Japan+stadium1 Japan Mobile Stadium

Amazing, only Japanese can imagine & execute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sapporo (A commercial city in northern Japan on western Hokkaido) stadium Seating capacity of 42,122, what’s unique about this Stadium is that, it’s an indoor stadium with the playing field out side, and when required, the field will move inside the stadium… and not only that, the field once inside it will rotate within its axis to ensure the spectators will get a all round view of the game being played…

Amazing car parking

Car parking+1 Amazing car parking

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Hiking or Tarcking

Hiking or tracking 10 Amazing Hiking 

Never Believe wt the lines of ur hand predict abt ur future, coz people who d’nt hve hands also hv a future… Believe in urself. more after the break...

~~~~ World’s Largest Liger (Lion+Tiger) ~~~~

Lion tiger 6 Lion or Tiger

 Hello, Know what’s a Liger? It’s a cross breed of a Lion male and Tiger female… Read on……

10 Amazing Staircases Around the World

1. Spiral Stair (Australia)

Staircases Around the World 001 10 Amazing Staircases Around the World
Fascinating spiral stairs at Garvan Institute in Sydney, Australia. 6.5 revs and five stories from top to bottom.

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Water Car

Do you have trouble running on road ? more after the break...

The 10 Most Annoying Alarm Clocks

#10 – Climbing clock . It hangs above your head and starts climbing while it rings. Don’t wake up fast enough, and you won’t be able to shut it up without a ladder.

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Best Adventure

whether you love hiking, skiing, biking, kayaking, climbing, snowboarding, or a little bit of everything.More after the break...